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A street-smart approach to dealing with difficult matters effectively, realistically and responsibly.

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Selected Articles:

  • Game-Playing in Negotiation and Mediation: Machiavelli's Place At the Table, September 2014
  • The Art and Practice of Second-Guessing Negotiated Deals, June 2014
  • Obama's "Red Line":  The Use of Ultimatums and Strategies of Commitment in Negotiation, September 2014
  • Lincoln Unchained: A Principled Hardball Negotiator For the Ages-Film Review,    May 2013
  • The Natural History of Negotiation and Mediation: The Evolution of Negotiative Behaviors, Ritual and Approaches, September 2012
  • The Beauty of Conflict: Art Lessons, Lateral Thinking, and Creative Problem Solving, March 2007
  • Reel Negotiation:  The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Reflections of Negotiation and Mediation in Film, December 2006
  • Strategies for Managing Impasses,  June 2004
  • Managing the Natural Energy of Conflict:  Mediators, Tricksters, and the Constructive Uses of Deception, 2003
  • Mediation as Theatre and Negotiation as Performance Art,  March 2002
  • The Natural Mediator, March 2001 (1998)
  • The Risks of Neutrality-Reconsidering the Term and Concept, January 2001 (1998)
  • Guerrilla Mediation: The Use of Warfare Strategies in the Management of Conflict, August 1999
  • Negotiation and Evil: The Sources of Religious and Moral Resistance to the Settlement of Conflicts, 1998
  • Complete list of articles

On-line Seminars, Tutorials, and Case Consultations

On-line seminars and private tutorials can be customized to your particular needs/situation for most all contexts including business, commercial, family, divorce, health care, employment, work place or other matters. Scheduled at a convenient time by telephone, Skype, Facetime or other internet mode, this option allows greater flexibility and savings on travel costs. CLE and CEU credit may be available. Proven especially helpful for:

  • Business people and others thinking about how to approach an existing or potential business or     personal controversy. 
  • Professionals seeking advice or advanced training in negotiation and mediation practice, theory and skills including:
    - overcoming resistance to negotiation and marketing strategies
    - managing high conflict and impasse
    - managing financial and business issues
    - ethical and professional issues
    - teaching and training techniques
    - application of neuroscience and cognitive psychology in decision making
    - the use of art and graphics in mediation and negotiation
  • Professionals seeking consultation on matters in progress, including agreement formats, working with attorneys, counselors and other consultants.

Contact Robert to discuss fees and arrangements.

Presentations and Workshops

With over three decades of experience in the practice, writing and teaching of negotiation, meditation and conflict management, Benjamin is a compelling and engaging presenter known for his bold views in the field.  He has established a reputation as a keen observer of the connections, importance and influence of negotiation in other disciplines and in popular culture.

Believing that competent practice requires a broad perspective, he has explored such themes as the similarity of warfare and negotiation strategies, theological and religious views of negotiation, the influences of classical physics and quantum theory, recent developments in neuroscience and cognitive psychology, the evolutionary history of negotiation behavior, negotiation in the political realm, and the presentation of negotiation in film, theater and the arts.

Presentations and workshops are tailored to your group's particular interests and needs. Available to both professional and private organizations. CLE and CEU credit may be available. Contact Robert to discuss presenting to your group or organization. 

Courses and Trainings

Robert Benjamin conducts introductory, intermediate and advanced Negotiation and Mediation courses that can be customized for your area or organization. All courses are approved by ACR and regularly qualify for both CLE and CEU credit in most states.  Courses are subject to enrollment minimums and maximums.

"Benjamin's courses are first and foremost practical. He is also provocative and offers rigorous, cutting-edge thinking in the field of conflict management."
-Jim Melamed, President,

"... One of the most intensive and highest quality learning experiences I have ever had."
-Betsy Stewart, Esq., Kansas City, MO


  • Professional-grade intensive courses covering strategies, techniques, skills and applied theory applicable to all dispute contexts OR designed with a specific focus on business, commercial, family, divorce, health care, employment, work place or other matters.
  • Generally a 5-day/40-hour course design costs $1175/person, unless sponsored by a school or organization. Limited scholarships are available in some instances.
  • Approved/available for CLE/CEU credit.


  • 1-3 day designs are tailored to the specific concerns and issues of experienced practitioners or those who have completed an introductory or intermediate training program. 
  • Topics may include managing high conflict, dealing with impasse, power balance issues, creative problem solving, preparing effective memorandum of understanding, complex property/financial issues and working within the legal system. or a specific substantive dispute contexts, e.g. health care, workplace,  or advanced family/divorce issues. 
  • Generally a 2-day private course design costs $525/person unless sponsored by a school or organization. Limited scholarships are available in some instances.
  • Approved/available for CLE/CEU credit.

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Resources & Publications  

PDF on CD Rom
The Beauty of Conflict:  The Visual Arts, Theatre, Film and Conflict Management, 2009. 


PDF on CD Rom
The Guerrilla Negotiator: Effective Strategies for Reaching Agreement and the Mediation of Conflict. The Collected Writings of Robert D. Benjamin, 1990-2004, Vol. 1, 2004.


PDF on CD Rom
Effective Negotiation and Mediation of Conflict: Applied Theory and Practice Handbook. Ninth edit, copyright 2004 (300 p).