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Advanced Training

Who Should Attend?

For those who have completed a basic mediation training program and/or have had practice experience, the advanced training seminars provide a selective review and further intensive training in mediation skills, strategies, and techniques and consideration of special issues and problems, such as policy considerations, ethics and dispute resolution systems design.

Outline and Topics

The focus of an advanced training seminar may be generalized or prearranged to address specific topics and issues in both the Family and Divorce and Civil and Commercial context. If it is generalized, the focus will be on participants' case reviews and needs and from there move to consider a variety of possible issues, such as:
  • the use of caucus
  • managing multi-party mediations (post divorce/remarried families)
  • complex property matters (taxes, pensions, closely held businesses)
  • resolving intractable conflicts (breaking impasse)
  • the use of experts (attorneys, accountants, technical experts)
Advanced training seminars may also be custom-designed to focus on special problem areas or contexts of practice. Such programs might include any of the following:
  • negotiation theory and skills and personal conflict management skills
  • use of mediative strategies in matters where child sexual abuse has been alleged
  • the mediation of inter- or intra-agency disputes (employee grievance disputes; age, sex, race discrimination; sexual "harassment")
  • parent/child mediation
  • premarital and post-divorce applications of mediation
  • use of mediation in schools and education, including parents, teachers, students, and administrators and special education disputes
  • use of mediative strategies in business and agency management
  • understanding the legal issues and legal processes that affect mediated settlements
  • complex property issues: taxes, pensions, closely held business, bankruptcy, professional practices
  • civil and commercial disputes: personal injury, medical treatment, land use, construction disputes

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion. The Advanced Training Seminar has been approved by the Academy of Family Mediators. As well, the seminar is regularly approved for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits and other professions' Continuing Education Units (CEU) credits.

Cost and Fee Arrangements

The fee for the Advanced Training is $125 per person per day. The fee includes course materials
and refreshments.