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NEW CD Rom:  The Beauty of Conflict:  The Visual Arts, Theatre, Film and Conflict Management, CD Rom, 2009.  

  • “The Beauty of Conflict: Art Lessons, Lateral Thinking, and Creative Problem Solving”  (2007)-
  •  “The Strategic Uses of  Art In the Management of Conflict”  (2007)
  • “The Problem With ‘Peace’: The Art Of William Kentridge” (2003)
  • “The Artistry of John Haynes and the Art of Jackson Pollock”  (2003)
  • Mediation as Theatre and Negotiation as Performance Art  (2001)
  • Gut Instinct---A Mediator Prepares (2001)
  • “Film Review: “John Adams” - The Reluctant Revolutionary and the Negotiation of the Declaration of Independence” (2008)
  • “Film Review: Thank You For Smoking Offers An Advanced Tutorial in Negotiation Strategies and Ethics” (2006)
  • “Film Review: Hotel Rwanda and the Guerrilla Negotiator” (2006)
  • “Reel Negotiation: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Reflections Of Negotiation And Mediation In Film” (2006)“
  • The Movies- Constructions Of Reality And Sources Of Metaphors” (2001)

Price (including postage), $29.50

CD Rom:  The Guerrilla Negotiator: Effective Strategies for Reaching Agreement and the Mediation of Conflict.”  

 The Collected Writings of Robert D. Benjamin, 1990-2004, Vol. 1 2004.  30 articles, some not previously available in digital format, including:

  • “The Natural Mediator”
  • “The Risks of Neutrality”
  • “Dogs as Conflict Mediators”
  • “Mediation as Theatre and Negotiation as Performance Art”
  • “Gut Instinct”
  • “Negotiation and Evil”
  • “Managing the Natural Energy of Conflict: Tricksters, Mediators and the Constructive Uses of Deception”
  • “The Physics of Mediation”
  • “Strategies for Managing Impasse”
  • “Guerrilla Mediation: The Use of Warfare Strategies in the Management of Conflict”
  • “Mediation as a Subversive Activity”
  • “The Use of Mediative Strategies in Traditional (Collaborative) Legal Practice” 
  • “Mediation Strategies in the Management of Child Sexual Abuse”

   $29.50, postage included.

CD Rom and Hard Copy: Effective Negotiation and Mediation of Conflict:  Applied Theory and Practice Handbook."  9th edit,  copyright 2004. 300p.

  Includes specific practice hints,  practice forms, agreement formats, session graphics and exercises for mediation practice in family and divorce, personal injury, employment, health care and other contexts 


·       Part One:  Theoretical Foundations and Practice Skills: Systems Theory, Role of the Mediator, Communications Theory &Skills,  Conflict Analysis and Management Strategies, Negotiation Theory, Strategies and Skills,  “Power Balance” in the Mediation Process.

        Part Two  Structuring the Process in Different Dispute Contexts (Forms,Graphics, Exercises and Agreement Formats).   Family and Divorce, Business and Civil Disputes,  Employment/Organizational, Personal Injury/Damage Claims,  Land Use/Environmental,  Health Care

·       Part Three:  Professional Practice Issues:  Ethics, Economics and Law

·       Part Four:  Resources and Reference Materials

·       Part Five:  Bibliography and Internet Resources

   Price (including postage): CD Rom: $29.50; Hard Copy and CD Rom: $65.00